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Making Open Source Programming Accessible and Powering Customer Satisfaction!

Jering is an open-core software company headquartered in Singapore that was established in 2016. Since 2016, Jering has created agile and scalable open source solutions that help organizations quickly bring products to market. Jering offers integrated development environments, code libraries, continuous integration tools and other support to developers so they can build better software more quickly.


Jering Software Company has released several utility software projects under an open source licensing model to assist developers save both time and money while increasing security, scaling capabilities, ensuring high levels of functionality in their applications, saving both time and money for themselves in development timeframes.

One of the primary projects released under the Jering Open-Core Software License is the JVM Library.
Under the Jering Open-Core Software License is another project called the Object Mapper and Activator, designed to aid developers quickly in creating complex object models quickly.
Jering company can rely on its open source offerings for providing developers with quality resources for their software development efforts.
Finally, Jering Software Company also offers the Jering Profiler project aimed at providing effective performance monitoring and analysis of hosted Java applications.




We offer flexible deployment/pricing models so developers can focus on building applications they require without worry over infrastructure management or support costs.



Logan Mccarthy

I’ve been using Jering’s open source solutions for a while now, and I’m really impressed with how easy and flexible they are. The Core Server makes development and deployment of complex services streamlined and stress free, and I really appreciate the variety of services such as bug tracking and code review that are included. Jering is definitely the way to go when it comes to quickly and effortlessly bringing products to market.

Landon Serrano

Jering have created an agile and scalable open source solution which has made it so much easier for us to launch products quickly and efficiently. The range of services offered such as bug tracking and code review have been incredibly useful and have enabled us to develop products faster for our customers. We would definitely recommend using Jering and their Core Server if you wish to quickly bring products to market.

Vanessa Frederick

Working with Jering has been an incredible experience. Their agile and scalable open source solutions make it so easy to swiftly bring products to the market. The Core Server simplifies and automates processes, meaning teachers can develop complex digital services in the cloud with ease, while being aided by additional features such as bug tracking, code review and source control. We’re really impressed and grateful for the great services Jering provides.

Jering's mission is to develop solutions that reduce costs and speed time to market, with its exponential growth and open source presence becoming one of the pillars in its industry.
This includes providing developers with open-source code libraries, SDKs, compilers and plug-ins; as well as frameworks to assist with application development. Furthermore, developers are provided technical expertise that assists in choosing an ideal open source technology stack; customers are assured the highest levels of support thanks to engaging actively within open source communities while receiving timely patches and security updates from our company.